Open today 11—17 Tensta konsthall
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Art camp: Tensta’s archaeology

27.2—3.3 2023, 10:00— 15:00
George Chamoun:

Konstkollot invites young people to participate in the discovery of Tensta through walks and observations, by collecting found things, materials and images, as well as interviews with people they meet along the way. Based on the walking experiences, we create podcasts, maps and a collection of objects that constitute archeology in Tensta that is important for young people. Based on our findings, we speculate on Tensta’s future. In addition to the podcast, we create a map of Tensta on the classroom floor with markings in the places we think are important.

Location: Tensta konsthall, classroom and caravan at Taxingeplan
Age: 10—15 years

Workshop leaders; Anette Göthlund, Apolonija Šušteršič, Emilio Brandao, George Chamoun, Meike Schalk, Miro Sazdic and Sarah Guarino Werner

Initiative: The Political Classroom project (Apolonija Šušteršič), at Tensta konsthall (George Chamoun and Sarah Guarino Werner), with support from Familjebostäder, Svenska Bostäder and Stockholmshem; KTH School of Architecture (Meike Schalk and Emilio Brandao) and Konstfack — University of Arts, Crafts and Design. The course is part of Urban Pedagogy for master’s students from KTH School of Architecture and Konstfack, Stockholm.